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The Seminole Tribune – your best advertising value. Printed on 30-pound newsprint, each colorful issue comes out monthly. The Tribune is saved and shared by Tribal members and subscribers alike. Come and see why The Seminole Tribune is known as the most colorful newspaper in Indian Country.

The Seminole Tribune reserves the right to approve or deny any content to be published in The Seminole Tribune or refuse an ad sale to an individual or business. Payment in full is required in order to obtain the discounted bulk rate. The Tribune accepts cash, check or credit. Please call for credit card orders. 

Ad Submissions

Digital artwork must be PC compatible in uncompressed TIFF, PDF or JPEG format. Resolution must be 300 DPI. No faxed artwork or compressed fi les, please. Items not meet ng these specifications will be redesigned and will incur design fees.

Ad Design Services

Let us design your ad. If you don’t have the design resources, we can design your ad for you. Just send your artwork, logos and content. The rate is $65 per hour with a one hour minimum; rush rate is $85 per hour. Call 954-985-5702  for more information.

Tribal Department/Member Discount

The Seminole Tribune offers a 10 percent discount for Tribal departments and a 15 percent discount for Tribal members on all display advertising.

Display Ads

Four ColorFull Page1/2 Page1/4 Page1/8 Page
12 issues$9,180$5,100$3,060$2,040
6 issues$4,850$2,690$1,620$1,080
1 issue$470$280$190 

Display Ad Sizes

Four Color12.75″w x 20.75″h
1/2 Page Horizontal12.75″w x 10.312″h
1/2 Page Vertical6.312″w x 20.75″h
1/4 Page6.312″w x 10.312″h
1/8 Page6.312″w x 5.093″h