Who We Are


Each Seminole Indian born of a Seminole mother is a member of her "Clan" - a traditional extended family unit. Husbands traditionally went to live in the wife's clan camp. Each clan is characterized by a non-human entity with which is shares many traits, such as strenght, courage, or endurance. There are eight Seminole clans - Panther, Bear, Deer, Wind, Bigtown, Bird, Snake, and Otter.
Clan members are not supposed to marry within their clan. Children inherit the clan of the mother.

One must be at least 1/4 Seminole in order to qualify as a tribal member (see Genealogy for more information).

When the last female in a clan passes on, the clan is considered extinct. Several historical clans, including Alligator, are now extinct. The Panther clan is the largest clan in today's Seminole Tribe of Florida.