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Health and Human Services

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The Department of Non-Clinical Services currently includes:

  • Grants
  • Patient Experience
  • Employee Engagement

These divisions are intricately involved and incorporated into all departments and areas of Health and Human Services as we seek to improve service delivery to the Seminole Tribe of Florida community.



The Grants Department secures external funding and resources that will support and enhance the programs and activities of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Upon receipt of funding, we ensure compliance to the agreement through collaboration with the HHS Department or Program being awarded the funding, STOF Accounting and Legal Departments, and the funding agency. ​

Patient Experience

‘Putting Patients First’ is always present in all we do, as we work to continuously improve patients’ healthcare through listening to their concerns and implementing service recovery. We also implement industry changes and advances that are culturally relevant, including conducting surveys and being accessible to patients whenever and wherever they need us. 

Employee Engagement

We understand that when we support those who care for the Tribal Community, they will receive the best care. We work to support our staff:

(a) physically– with the goods and services they need to provide the highest quality care and;

(b) professionally as we mentor them and help them grow into their roles and within positions at the STOF. ​









Richard McDuffeRichard McDuffe

Grants Coordinator

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