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The EH program is comprised of several sub divisions that include: 

  • Administration * safety and Infection control * Env. Sampling and testing 
  • Food surveillance/audits * Housekeeping / Env. Services * Plan review 
  • Indoor air quality / Healthy home assessments * General /Community Environmental Health 
  • Mosquito control ( surveillance/ treatment) * Animal control & wildlife services 

The EH program has as its mission to manage and enforce Tribal Environmental / Public Health codes in compliance with adopted regulations, ordinances, policies and standards. 

The EH program is comprised of two (2) licensed Sanitarians and two (2) Certified Environmental Health Inspectors. This department continues to fulfill the needs and requirements of the community through the implementation of multi-disciplinary Environmental Health Activities. ​​


Environmental Health Mission Statement

The goal of the STOF Environmental Health program is to safeguard the health and safety of the Seminole Tribe community through education, awareness, and strict oversight and compliance activities. The Environmental Health program seeks to prevent and /or contain all potential outbreak of environmental related diseases. 

Our work often brings us to Tribal homes, community facilities, outpatient clinics, casinos, schools, eateries, large/ small scale events, recreational pools, as well as a blend of residential, urban, rural, and natural environments.  

It is the mission of the Environmental Health program to serve the residents of the Seminole Tribe under the direction and guidance of the Seminole Tribe of Florida Health Department as well as Tribal Council. This is done by conducting activities designed to protect public health through monitoring and control of key environmental factors. It is our intent to promote a cultural environment of shared responsibility within the community that will effectively identify hazards and manage the risk of injury and disease. 

Consistent with the overall mission of the Seminole Tribe, The Environmental Health Program seeks to be at the forefront of public health concerns. Always working for a Safer and Healthier Seminole Tribe of Florida.​









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Environmental Health


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