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The Elder Service Department mission is to provide the Tribal Seniors with services to help them be self-sufficient and live long healthy lives. The DES provides nutritious meals twice a day (breakfast and lunch), and takes them to local restaurants for their self-esteem and to socialize with their friends and peers. The DES also provides local and out of state trips for them to see the beautiful country and other Tribe’s cultures. The DES provides housecleaning services to limited individuals that are unable to help themselves to maintain a nice clean healthy environment in their surroundings of their home. Helping the Seminole Tribal Seniors with their utility services payment is a small cost of endurance to the Seminole Tribe of Florida. The Seminole Tribal elders are unique in their own way and The Seminole Tribe of Florida will provide support by whatever means possible for the elder to maintain their health and promote self-confidence. ​

Joe Kippenberger

  Joe Kippenberger

  Elder Services Director

  Ext: 10560​​​


Jayne Salgado

TW Office Manager



Indera Yousuf

 HW Elder Services Site Manager

954-966-6300 x10502

Demi Garza  Demi Garza

  Immokalee Site Manager

  Ext: 16473


April Simmons

 TP Elder Services Coordinator

954-966-6300 x19324


 Angelita Arreguin

 Big Cypress Site Manager


Rosita Silverman  Rosita Silverman

  Trail Elder Service Coordinator

  Ext: 18711​​​

nopicVickey Huff

Brighton Site Manager

Ext: 15503

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