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Animal Control

Welcome to Animal Control and Wildlife Services

Animal Control and Wildlife Services provides animal control to all tribal communities by fair enforcement and community education.

Our services includes:

  • To protect tribal and community members and pets from health related issues
  • Reunite lost pets with their owners
  • Investigate complaints of cruelty or neglect of animals
  • Investigate dog attacks to humans and domestic animals
  • Quarantine dogs and cats in relation to animal bite case
  • Removal of stray from streets and public areas
  • Answer all wildlife concerns including but not limited to trapping and relocating of wildlife
  • Offer Rabies clinics to all reservations









  Ava JohnAvaJohn

  Environmental Health Program    Manager

  Ext: 10614

Jonathan Vazquez

Jonathan Vazquez

Animal Control Program Supervisor

863-763-7700 Ext: 11815

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