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The Advocacy and Guardianship Department operates under the Health and Human Department to serve some of the most vulnerable Tribal members of the Seminole Tribe of Florida:  Tribal member children at risk for abuse and neglect, and Tribal member adults and minors who are incapacitated and under Tribal guardianship.


Tribal Family and Child Advocacy (TFCA)  Program

The TFCA program seeks to support children and families who are at risk for or involved with the state child welfare dependency system.  These supports include case management, assessment and referral, parenting skills development, tribal foster parent recruitment and home study and placement and monitoring of tribal children who are removed from parents due to safety risk. TFCA staff interfaces with non-tribal state and county entities working with tribal children and families to safeguard all protections designated under laws like Indian Child Welfare Act are followed, and facilitate increased awareness and cultural competence of these entities though training and educational opportunities.

Guardianship Program 

The Guardianship program provides extensive case management and support for those Tribal members who have been determined to be incapacitated and placed under guardianship by Tribal Resolution, and in accordance with the Guardianship Ordinance.  The program assists tribal members and/or their families with the process to petition for either voluntary or involuntary guardianship, supports those family members who are designated guardians, or the Department director if designated as guardian.  Established guardianships operate within the guidelines of the STOF Revenue Allocation & Per Capita Distribution Plan Ordinance.

Trecia McCleeseTrecia McCleese
A&G Guardianship Assistant Director
954-985-2320 Ext: 10396

Shamika BeasleyShamika Beasley

A&G Advocacy Assistant Director

954-985-2320 Ext: 10372

Anna RodriguezAnna Rodriguez
Advocacy Program Administrative Assistant
954-985-2320 Ext:10312

Winstera YoungWinstera Young
Advocacy Administrator
954-985-2320 Ext:10348

TaShannon Turner

TaShannon Turner

Guardianship Program Administrative Assistant

954-985-2332  Ext:10370

Debra RayDebra K. Ray, LCSW
Guardianship Administrator 
954-964-6338 ext. 13219

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