What We Provide

Broadcasting Department

The Seminole Broadcasting Department consists of the administrative office/station located in Hollywood, and three sister stations located at the Big Cypress, Brighton, and Immokalee reservations. The Department currently employs 20 Tribal members and two non-members. The Technical Director provides training to all employees in technically related positions. Employees are trained in several areas so they are fully prepared to meet all the needs at their station.

Informative programs on the culture and historical events of the Seminole Tribe, Tribal functions, Tribal meetings, sporting events, and Indian news around the country make up the daily programming. The broadcasting department is 100 percent Tribally funded and is under the direction of the Executive Administrator of the Tribal Council.


Development of the Broadcasting Department

Prior to the development of a broadcasting department, a one-man crew who was hired to film Tribal functions and to record Tribal history and culture provided videography at the Tribe. Several years later, the Tribal Council decided to develop a broadcasting department. A franchise agreement was negotiated with Jones Inter Cable Inc. to provide cable access to Tribal member homes on all reservations as well as a closed circuit cable station department began in 1991 at the old Communications Building on 30th Street on the Hollywood reservation in a closet-sized room. At that time there were only two employees filming events and providing programming. The programming was broadcast only to the Hollywood reservation.

Shortly thereafter the department was relocated to a doublewide trailer behind the Seminole Police Department. At that time, the sister stations in Big Cypress, Brighton and Immokalee were developed with a combined staff of 12 additional employees filling dual roles as videographers and master control operator for their stations. Each station plans its daily programming and covers events on its reservation.


Relocation to New Facility

The Broadcasting administrative office moved to the new Seminole Tribal Headquarters in August of 1995. Broadcasting's capabilities have expanded to include a state-of-the-art digital editing system, digital cameras, expanded programming including live broadcasts to the Hollywood reservation of community, council and board meetings. A daily community calendar at each reservation provides information on all events taking place within the Tribe, as well as Tribal-related events taking place elsewhere.

Commercials and training videos are produced for various departments, Tribal events, and sometimes production of videos for profit. Additionally, the Big Cypress reservation now has an auditorium that has the capabilities for live broadcast of meetings and special events. A new broadcasting office is currently under construction at the Immokalee reservation. With this additional space we will be able to conduct some live broadcast services to the Brighton reservation.