Services - What we provide

Tribal Education Division Services

The Education Division is comprised of programs that deliver educational services to all Tribal members beginning at 5 years old through Senior Citizens. The programs are delivered to all six reservations, all non-resistance Seminole and throughout the nation. The administrative offices are located in Hollywood with local education program personnel on the reservations to coordinate the education services.

Education Advisory Board

This board is made up of 12 Tribal member parents - two from each reservation PAC Committee (Hollywood, Big Cypress, Brighton, Tampa, Trail Reservation and Immokalee). This Board meets bi-monthly during the academic school year. Meetings rotate among the reservations throughout the school year.

Parent Advisory Committees

Each of the reservations (Hollywood, Big Cypress, Brighton, Tampa, Trail Reservation and Immokalee) has Parent Advisory Committees made up of parents from the reservation. The Committees meet monthly on each reservation to advise on educational matters. The Committee also sends delegates to the Education Advisory Board meetings.

Programs within the Education Division

Florida Governor's Council on Indian Affairs (FGCIA) Summer Youth Program - 2-week program at FSU to provide career exploration and a college experience for ages 14-17. Includes a leadership component for previous participants.

Higher Education Program - sponsors accredited college degrees.

Incentive Awards Program - provides positive recognition for grades and attendance for elementary, secondary students, and Higher Education.

Tutoring Program - Tutoring program provides academic support services for tribal member students. Services include one on one tutoring, FCAT/SAT/ACT preparation, and homework help.

K-12 program - Monitor grades and attendance to encourage progress and incentive awards attend school meetings: IEP (Individual Education Plan), SST (Student Support Team), and Parent-Teacher conferences. Assist with private school selection and enrollment Process payments and correspond with private schools. Also sponsor other programs like: Chairman’s Annual Senior Trip, End-of-Year Incentive Awards, Quarterly Incentives, Culture Exchange program and Florida Indian Youth Program

Close Up programs - High School students will have an opportunity to explore the inner workings of Washington meet with elected officials, policy experts and media, and live and learn with peers from across the country. Additionally they will have the opportunity for them to hear, share and discuss diverse points of view.

Summer Kindergarten Readiness program - six-week summer program for students entering kindergarten each fall. Academic preparation, enhancement of basic skills such as phonics, math, writing, teaching classroom behavior, improving social skills.

Higher Education Program - Assistance students with choice of colleges, help with the application process, registration for classes and assistance with choice of major/degree of study.

College Fair - Students get to explore strategies to help them prepare for life after High School, discover student-college match and meet College/UnKiversity and Technical School Representatives.

College Tour - Students will have opportunities to visit schools throughout the United States.

Adult Vocational Programs - sponsors accredited Technical and Certificate Programs.

GED - Assists tribal adults through one on one tutoring to earn their state certified General Education Diploma (GED).

ABE - Provide classes to Tribal Members on each reservation according to request for continuing education purposes.

Work Experience Program / Summer Work Experience Program - Provides Tribal members the opportunity to enhance their employability skills in any STOF department of their choice. After two years, they can transfer to a full time position pending Tribal Department availability.

Reservation K through 12th Grade Education Advisors:

Hollywood/Ft. Pierce/Trail
D.S.O. Building (954) 989-6840
Ft. Pierce Field Office, (772) 467-2454
Trail Field Office: (305)228-9167
Reginal Belizaire, Hollywood, Trail & Ft. Pierce Education Advisor

Big Cypress:
Learning Resource Center (863) 902-3200
Carine Eugene, BC Education Advisor

Education Building (863) 763-3572
Vickie Stuart, Education Advisor

Education Building (239) 867-5303
Victoria Soto, Education Advisor

(813) 246-3100 x19304
Tina Ogden, Education Advisor

Tribal Wide Education Services:

Higher Education Program

Paola Moneymaker, Higher Education Coordinator
Erlinda Iley, Higher Education Administrator
Rob Caruso, Tribal Wide College Recruiter

Adult Vocational Program

Marie Dufour, Adult Vocational Administrator
Luis Yeguez, Big Cypress & Immokalee AVP recruiter
Frank Birts, Brighton & Tampa AVP recruiter

Tutoring Program

Julissa Collazo, Tutor coordinator


Rebecca Rucks, Truancy Coordinator

Program Manager

Tony Bullington


Emma Johns