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Brownfields - Hollywood

Koon’s Ford

Location: 3101 State Road 7, Broward County, Florida

Area: Approximately 3 acres

Site Information: This site was formerly used as an automotive sales and service facility (Ford dealership/maintenance). There are extensive associated parking areas to the east and smaller parking areas in the north, west and south. There were hydraulic lifts on the site that required a large amount of hydraulic fluid in underground storage vessels under each lift. Over the years the underground storage vessels have leaked.
A portion of the site was cleaned up in 2012 when the Tribe’s Fire Rescue Department moved into the building. The majority of the lifts have been removed. However, the underground storage was left in place. Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) have been completed on site. In 2011, the northwest portion of the automotive sales/service facility building was assessed for potential hydrocarbon contaminants associated with the construction activities for a new fire station. No contamination was observed in the assessed area. However, additional assessments will have to be accomplished to define the total extent of contamination to the entire site and remediation may be required as necessary.