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Aviation Department

The Big Cypress Airstrip is a private airstrip owned and operated by the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

Authorized aircrafts approved by the Seminole Aviation Department are allowed to utilize the facilities. The Aviation Department may be contacted at (863) 983-7677.

Please be aware that all activities conducted on the Big Cypress Airstrip are at the pilot's own risk and night operations are prohibited. Fuel is not available for purchase.

About the Big Cypress Airstrip
Phone Number (863) 983-7677
Big Cypress Airfield Identifier 59FD(Five Niner Fox-trot Delta)
Runway Length 5,600 Feet
Latitude N.26*19.6
Longitude W.080*59.6
Unicom 122.9
Elevation 20 Feet
Runway Configuration 10-28
Normal Operations Runway 10 Left Traffic
37 DME from LaBelle VOR (110.4 frequency) 143 Degrees Radial to 59FD