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Aviation Department

The Big Cypress Airstrip is a private airstrip owned and operated by the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

Building Inspections Department

The Tribal Building Code is modeled upon the Florida Building Code. The Florida Building Code is compiled in four references with the National Electric Code adopted by reference.

Broadcasting Department

The Seminole Broadcasting Department consists of the administrative office/station located in Hollywood, and three sister stations located at the Big Cypress, Brighton, and Immokalee reservations

Center for Behavioral Health

The Center for Behavioral Health (CBH) strive to obe the integrated mental and behavioral health provider of choice for the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

Education Division Services

The Education Division is comprised of programs that deliver educational services to all Tribal members ages 6 weeks through Senior Citizens.

Environmental Resource Management Department

In October 1987, the Tribal Council of the Seminole Tribe of Florida created the Environmental Resource Management Department (ERMD). The ERMD's mission is to protect and evaluate the Tribe's land and water resources and to facilitate the wise use and conservation of these resources by other departments.

Emergency Management

Planning for, responding to, recovering from, and mitigating all types of hazards, including natural disasters, accidents, technological events, and pandemic influenza.

Health Department

The overall purpose of the Tribe's healthcare system is to elevate the collective and individual health status of its members and eligible population.

Public Works Department

The Department is responsible for providing a variety of services to the residents of The Seminole Tribe. The Department’s main function is to administer and manage the construction, operation and maintenance of the Seminole Tribe of Florida’s infrastructure for water, waste water & distribution collection systems, facilities and sanitation services to meet existing and future needs of the Tribal Council and community.

Tribal Historic Preservation Office (THPO)

The Seminole Tribe of Florida’s Tribal Historic Preservation Office (THPO) is charged with preserving, documenting, and promoting the Seminole Tribe of Florida’s cultural heritage, both on and off the modern reservation boundaries.

Tribal Library System Services

The Tribal libraries are small public libraries open to all tribal members and to the general public.

Veteran’s Building

Is a star-shaped building that represents the five branches of the United States Armed Forces: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard. The building is made of limestone, which is from the same quarry as the Veteran’s Building in Washington, DC.

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