First Ever Giant Christmas Card Contest

By Chris Jenkins

BIG CYPRESS — The holiday spirit was on full display on Dec. 21, 2006 as local community families and Tribal departments participated in the first annual super-sized Christmas card contest.

There were 14 entries–five family and nine departmental. They used four-foot-by-eight-foot sheets of plywood provided by the Big Cypress Recreation department to create their cards. After completion, the giant Christmas cards lined Josie Billie Highway.

Big Cypress Assistant Recreation Director Stan Frischman says the idea was a big hit.

“The idea was conceived by the recreation department and backed by Chairman Cypress and Councilman David Cypress and Board Representative Paul Bowers Sr. to promote and celebrate Christmas and the holiday spirit,” Frischman said.

Contest participants had from Dec. 1, 2006 through 18th to work on their card, and the contest was open to any department or community member.

Prizes were awarded to winners in first through third place. Cash prizes were given to departments with the proceeds going to the charity of their choice. Community families received a sports authority gift certificate for third place, a family dinner to the restaurant of their choice for second place, and a weekend theme park getaway trip to anywhere in Florida for a first place finish.

Judging was based on originality, holiday theme and creativity. Frischman says to avoid any bias or favoritism, five outside visiting judges were chosen.

The following departments placed: 1. the President’s office, 2. the Big Cypress Broadcasting department, 3. the Big Cypress Recreation department.

The following families placed: 1. Thomlynn Billie family, 2. Jumper family, 3. Sue Jane Bert family.

Frischman said he feels the event was well received and will become more popular in the years to come.

“People in the community have enjoyed [the cards] a lot,” he said. “I thought it was extremely successful and all the entries were excellent.”