Brighton Celebrates Red Ribbon Week

By Emma Brown

BRIGHTON — Red Ribbon Week is the most far-reaching and well-known drug prevention event in America. Schools, clubs and organizations, communities, and citizens nationwide participate in this weeklong celebration each year in hopes of reaching and impacting the lives of many and educating them on the effects of drug addiction.

The official National Red Ribbon Week begins the week of Oct. 23, but due to Halloween activities the Brighton community celebrated during the week of Oct. 16. The week began on Oct. 16 with the distribution of T-shirts, bags and visors that had the national theme “100% Me, Drug Free” printed on them.

Once everyone had the chance to change into their red ribbon attire they hopped into line to join the parade of fire trucks, ambulances, four-wheelers, tractors and more. The senior citizens showed up with their rides, anything from a golf cart to a three wheel bike, all “tricked” out with red ribbon pride.

The Brighton Preschool joined in the parade by jumping into a goose neck trailer that was pulled by the rodeo arena staff. Once everyone was in position the parade wound around the community tying red ribbons on every mailbox and sign in site. It was an amazing and moving site to see so many kids and adults come out in the early morning to be part of this red ribbon parade that had such a strong message. It was also a strong start to the red ribbon week activities.

Once the parade was finished and the reservation looked like one big red ribbon everyone gathered at the rodeo arena ground for a wonderful lunch provided by the Culture department. Kids also enjoyed bounce houses, rock climbing, snow cones, popcorn and much more. After lunch each department on the reservation opened up their booth which provided kids with games, giveaways and literature. There were bean bag tosses, softball throws, cupcake walks, and putt-putt golf to name a few of the games.

Once the fun and games were over the Family Services department organized a youth jam for the kids. This was a time to come and share your musical abilities and rock to being drug free. On Oct. 17 it was time to judge department doors. Each department interested decorated their door with a drug free theme. From Oct 17–19 students in grades kindergarten through 12th could meet at the field office to create drug free posters that would be entered into a contest for the best art work.

Oct. 19 was deemed adult day, with the theme being Red Ribbon Day at the movies where the film “Crank Made in America” was shown. The movie was for adults only and showed explicit scenarios of people on crank. Following the movie was a guest speaker who reiterated what was shown and answered any questions people may have had. Adults also were asked to decorate a plain t-shirt with the red ribbon theme on this day as well to be judged on artistic creativity and ability.

Oct. 20 was Wear Red Friday. Everyone was asked to wear red in honor of red ribbon week. The Seminole Police Department wrapped up the week by hosting a haunted house on Friday evening and a lock-in at the gym on the evening of Oct. 21.

It was an extremely diverse week that covered every age group in an attempt to create more drug awareness in the Brighton community. The committee did a great job to make sure that every age group was targeted. Red Ribbon Week in Brighton was a big success and definitely left its message in the community.