Hollywood Trading Post Grand Opening

By Tony Heard

HOLLYWOOD — The vision came alive on Oct. 18 for the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc. It’s always good to see hard work pay off, and for lots of people in many departments, that became a reality as The Seminole Tribe of Florida Inc. opened up the Hollywood Trading Post.

The doors opened on Oct. 18 for the first time to Tribal citizens, community members and employees.

For a project of this magnitude lots of time, energy, and dedication went into this project for the board of directors, staff and outside contractors. As President Moses Osceola spoke to the crowd, he thanked many individuals that contributed.

“Thank you to everyone involved, Max Osceola Jr. on the council side, board of directors, Gloria Wilson, Jim Talik, Cheryl Bolton and her staff, Juan Menendez, Luis Dominguez and Warren Sands and his staff,” he said. “This is such great accomplishment; not only for our people but for our community.”

Hollywood Council Representative Max Osceola Jr. had a chance to speak his mind on what a great business venture this is.

“I remember when this place used to be a field, how Moke and I used to run around in the woods over here, now look how far [the Tribe] has come,” Osceola said. “It’s very exciting for us at the Seminole Tribe.”

Hollywood Board Representative Gloria Wilson addressed the crowd and expressed her joy and excitement about the completion and opening of the store. She said her staff, Luwana Niles and Loretta Micco, worked countless hours providing much needed information, leg work and endless duties to help make this store a reality.

There were raffles for gifts baskets and gift certificates. Seminole shirts and jackets with the Tribal Board logo were made by Annie Micco and also raffled off.

The food was catered by Doris Italian Market, it was delicious and plentiful. With tasty ribs, chicken, multiple veggies and fruit that hit the spot. For an occasion like this two beautiful cakes were provided.

Following the introduction of the store and cutting of the ribbon, everyone was invited to go inside and check out all the wonderful things the Trading Post has to offer. The Hollywood Trading Post comes equipped with a discount smoke shop with a drive-thru, Subway® sandwich shop, automated carwash, Krispy Kream Donuts® and various grocery items.

The Seminole Coffee Company, which is owned by Gem Osceola, also blessed the Hollywood Trading Post by selling their delicious coffee and cappuccino in the store. Gem provides coffee products and cappuccino to various businesses in the area. It was only natural to call on him and his staff when coffee was needed.

He said he was happy to set up in the store and provided a wonderful variety of flavors for those who stop by the Hollywood Trading Post to get a hot fresh cup of coffee.

However, the most talked about item at the new Hollywood Trading Post is the state of the art gas dispensers. The 16 IX Media gas dispensers are rare and can not be found at any other location in the South Florida area. The pumps have an eight inch LCD monitor on them with the capability to play videos, news clips, weather reports and many different kinds of advertisements.

Another very special feature of the store is the sign that stands 40 feet tall, with a large LCD screen in the middle. If one has driven down State Road 7 lately there is no way it can be missed.

The Tribe has invented countless hours into getting this business up and running. The Tribal Board and Council want to make it clear that this convenience store was placed in this community to provide service for Tribal members and Tribal employees, and also for everyone in the surrounding Hollywood area.

Hopefully everyone will make a stop by the Trading Post soon to enjoy all the great things it has to offer.