Pemayetv Emahakv Holds School Council Inauguration

By Emma Brown

BRIGHTON— The Brighton Pull-Out program held their annual school council elections in which a chairman and class representatives were elected. A week before the elections were held, each candidate delivered a platform speech in hopes to persuade their peers to cast a vote for them.

On Oct. 20 each newly elected council member was inaugurated under the oak trees at the Education department. Director of Education Louise Gopher was the emcee and in charge of swearing each council member into office for the 2006-2007 school year.

The school council lead the audience in the Creek pledge before the inauguration began. The school elections are preceded with classes being taught on the history of Tribal government to better orientate the students on the process of government and elections within the Seminole Tribe. The following oath was used for the swearing in ceremony:

“I,__________, do solemnly swear to be the very best chairman/representative I can be; to lead the student body by being a good example, to help improve Pemayetv Emahakv and to work hard to learn my Creek language and culture.”

After the swearing in ceremony was completed, each new council member delivered an acceptance speech to their peers, parents and community then lead the creek blessing before lunch was served. Each student did a wonderful job delivering their acceptance speeches and we wish them all the best leading the student body of the Pull-Out program for the coming year.

The process of student council elections is the Pull-Out programs way of getting a head start on teaching the Seminole children about Tribal politics in hopes to be molding and inspiring our future leaders.