Pithlachocco: 'Extraordinary Find'

By Charles Flowers and Peter B. Gallagher

the bow of an aboriginal canoe emergesNEWNAN'S LAKE - The Indian who carved the oldest dugout canoe found here was working on his boat before Noah built the Ark. In fact, the age and span of the largest aboriginal canoe find in history has confirmed that Florida's indigenous peoples - including ancestors of the modern Seminoles - made boats to travel this lake 3,000 years before Christ walked the earth. (continue...)

Florida Governor's Council 'What Are We Doing Here?'

By Colin Kenny

MICCOSUKEE RESORT - To the first-time observer, it is hard to figure out the actual purpose of the Florida Governor's Council on Indian Affairs (FGCIA). But don't feel bad. It seems that on this Columbus Day 2000 holiday here, even the FGCIA Board of Directors were trying to figure out that very thing. (continue...)

Pithlachocco's Honor

*James E. Billie

The discovery of so many ancient canoes in Newnan's Lake is further proof of why the Seminoles called these waters Pith-la-choc-co. The Seminoles who called it that word did so for a reason. For thousands of years "long boats" have been here. I hope they will restore the lake to its rightful name and remove the name Newnan, who gained his fame by disgracing himself in a losing battle to the Indians around here. (continue...)

Pithlachocco's Canoes: Nature's Millennium Message?

By Dr. Patricia Wickman

Indian life on Newnan's lakePerhaps the earth really is trying to tell us something. We all know (well, most of us do) that the entire concept of a "millennium," a thousand-year cycle, is entirely arbitrary. Something that Western Christians created to organize time, and based on their determination to emphasize the importance of the arbitrary date when a person known as Jesus, the son of an elderly carpenter, was born. But years, and sets of one hundred years, or even of one thousand years really are only weak attempts to define the rhythms of the forces that we call "nature." They could never command nature or make nature conform to human expectations. (continue...)

In Their Own Words: E-Mails Show Irresponsibility

By Charles Flowers

A review of e-mail correspondence to and from state officials over five months shows a pattern of irresponsibility for the safety of the archaeological treasures first discovered at Newnan's Lake this May. (continue...)

DEP Talks To Tribe, Alters Permit For Ocklawaha Logging

By Charles Flowers and Peter B. Gallagher

TALLAHASSEE - The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) amended the permit for a deadhead logging operation on the Ocklawaha River after consulting with the Seminole Tribe of Florida. The new permit provides for a 300-foot buffer zone around an Indian cultural site known as High Bluff. (continue...)

Sierra Takes On Deadheads

National and state environmental groups have focused on the deadhead logging issue, following Seminole Tribune articles last month. The following letter was sent, Oct 9, 2000, to Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. (continue...)

'Dem Deadhead Blues'

An Aug. 15 e-mail from Santa Rosa Beach logger L.C. "Chuck" Pinson to DEP officials Gordon Roberts and Steve Schaper. Roberts is in charge of compliance and enforcement. Schaper was the inspector hired in May to oversee Pinson's operation on Newnan's Lake. Pinson's subject heading is labeled 'dem deadhead blues' (continue...)