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'Dem Deadhead Blues'

An Aug. 15 e-mail from Santa Rosa Beach logger L.C. "Chuck" Pinson to DEP officials Gordon Roberts and Steve Schaper. Roberts is in charge of compliance and enforcement. Schaper was the inspector hired in May to oversee Pinson's operation on Newnan's Lake. Pinson's subject heading is labeled 'dem deadhead blues'


Thanks for the heads up on the proposed CRA, now I'm SURE it will be carefully weighed... and quick and positive results will surely follow... and if you believe that then I've got some submerged Florida lake bottom I'll sell you, it's mine, really, part of an old Spanish land grant...

So, since you are my handler now, answer a few questions for me.

How do I clear my name, is there an "undelete" when one has been falsely accused of totally destroying the ENTIRE environment? How about deliberately destroying any and every archeological site and artifact within 5 miles of Newnans Lake? Will this go on my permanent record?

In playing the HIDDEN AGENDA game, is it important to have evidence or truth on your side, or will wild allegations, false statement and outright lies suffice?

How was M. Memory able to avoid providing a sworn statement as to damages even when requested by the investigation officer? (everyone else involved had to). If all three claimed that I destroyed 2 canoes east of the mill site (not true) then where is the proof, you know photos, excavations etc.? How about the stolen "canoe"? Does anyone still think that it is a canoe? I saved it, it sits at the sawmill untouched, a monument to er...uh...shortcomings, let's say. And how DOES one make false allegations, libel, slanderous, malicious lying and rumor mongering and not be responsible for their actions?

And I am still confused about the large press announcements... who didn't expect the town to turn out after the story with color photos was biweekly plastered as lead stories in newspapers, state and nationwide? Does that publicity affect the way people think or act? Too bad Gum Root folks didn't charge admission and parking after the story broke. So how did the Seminoles miss it? Why is it folks use the words HOTBED and liberal extremists when discussing Gainesville with any topic like the environment or politics? Hotbed sounds like the area my dad and I started rose cuttings in. I think a better word is CESSPOOL... yes that's much better!

If everything over 50 years old is an archeological artifact, then I am one in less than 2 years, Gordon I suspect you already are one... anyway the point is they are all over 50 years old. So, all logs are artifacts. FDHR should take over the logging program. After witnessing the inept, incompetent, unprofessional and hysterical behavior of some of it's employees, they no doubt could administer it straight into the ground, post haste. End of problems.

If and when the BOT axes the deadhead-logging program, can I continue to pull logs as long as I write cutesy songs about saving the environment? Do I have to really be suffering from dementia, or can I just fake that part?

Steve, most of the above questions are rhetorical, some tongue in cheek, so no answers are necessary. But I do have one serious question for you, to wit: Will the BOT decision be based on common sense, fairness, and actual events.. or ranting of archo-eco-extremists, investigation reports with unfounded allegations, and poorly written and factually inaccurate newspaper stories?


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