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Volume XXI Number 11 August 18, 2000

* Snake Handler Bitten By Rattler
* Desiree Jumper, Jo Jo Osceola Millennium Princesses 2000-2001
* Tiffany Doctor: Lady Bull Rider
* Seminole/Bahamian Cultural Exchange
* Seminoles, Eckerd College Announce DNA 2001 Powwow, Festival
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Tiffany Doctor: Lady Bull Rider

By Benny Secody

Well guys, move over and make room for Tiffany Doctor, the only female bull rider in the Seminole Tribe.

And, Tiffany isn't riding for symbolism. She is quickly moving up the ranks. On July 21, the Davie Rodeo Arena hosted a jackpot rodeo, which put several cowboys and cowgirls in the top slots of competition for the day. Tiffany, 17, was among those participating in the bull riding event, finishing fourth behind Stephen Billie, and Kyle and Nick Jumper.

Tiffany, the daughter of Colleen Osceola and Virgil Doctor of Hollywood, is a junior at Admiral Farragut Academy in St. Petersburg. She has been riding bulls for the past three years and is proud of her accomplishments in the sport.

Among her biggest fans is her mother Colleen.

"Tiffany is different from many of the young people today," Colleen says. "She has set goals for herself, and I know she will reach each and every one of them. She is drug and alcohol free and has identified her priorities in life."

Tiffany says her initial attempt at bull riding began as a statement that women can compete in the male-dominated sport. It started when Tiffany was at the gym and heard the guys boasting about riding bulls.

She informed them she might be interested in joining them, but her statement was met by jeers and she was informed that bull riding was "a man's sport." Tiffany took this as a challenge.

Since then, Tiffany has managed to ride as well as most of her male counter-parts, and better than some of them. She states she has had her share of bumps and bruises, but not enough to discourage her from competing in one of the roughest sports around.

Tiffany agrees with her mother that she does have goals. The first and most important is to finish high school, and enter Military School. Her current school is a youth military academy where she has enrolled on her own.

After completing her senior year, Tiffany has plans to enter West Point and considers that a pre-requisite towards her future goals. She states she intends to complete two years of pre-med and then enroll in veterinary school to accomplish her ultimate goal of becoming a veterinarian.

When asked who has been an influence in her life and what has driven her to accomplish so much in her young life, she replied that she has seen the ramifications of drug and alcohol abuse in her own community. She says she did not want to be like some of the young people - with no goals in life and no desire to better themselves.

"Young people should get into a sport," she says. "Find something you are good at and stick with it. If you play basketball or other sports, you can't smoke and drink, so getting involved in sports is a good way to stay away from drugs and alcohol."

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