$3 Million HUD Grant Targets Tribal Housing
By Ernie Tiger

HOLLYWOOD - The Seminole Tribe of Florida recently received a $3.15 million grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to expand housing on Seminole reservations.

The five-year housing plan, given out annually to federally recognized tribes, will also be used to help fight crime and improve water and sanitary facilities, as well as fund privately financed programs that are needed to repair or build housing. (continue)

Tribal Council Gaming Proposal Hammered Out
By E. Bowers

HOLLYWOOD - "This must be a good deal . . . each side feels they gave too much," said Larry Lucas, Vice President of Coconut Creek Gaming, L.P., (CCG) about the negotiations to construct and operate a gaming facility in the city of Coconut Creek. The facility was the main topic of the Sept. 10 Seminole Tribal Council meeting. (continue)

Former Worker's Family Wins Suit
By Charles Flowers

FORT LAUDERDALE - The family of Kevin Brown, former comptroller of the Seminole Housing Department who died last year when a relatively minor infection was misdiagnosed as the flu, was awarded nearly $8 million. (continue)

Moses Jumper Sr.

Primitives Reptile Helped Establish Economy
By Ernie Tiger

From the 1920s onward as the land boom exploded, politicians and developers who were eager to start settlement in South Florida began a project to "Drain the Everglades." (continue)

Mercedes Osceola (Middle Right)

Junior Miss: National Honor Society
By Ernie Tiger

HOLLYWOOD - On Sept. 17 Mercedes Osceola, the daughter of Joe Dan and Virginia Osceola, was inducted into the National Honor Society at the Sheridan Hills Christian School. (continue)

Annie Jimmie

100 Years Old

SEMINOLE CENTURIAN: Tribal member Annie Jimmie of Hollywood turned 100 years old Sept. 26. Born in the heart of the Everglades, she is the Matriarch of the Bird Clan and the daughter of Mamie Doctor and Li'l Doctor. She is the third living Tribal member to reach the 100th birthday milestone. Suzie Billie of Big Cypress and Ruby Tiger Osceola of Tampa are each 103. (continue)