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Fair, Phish, Casino Top Board Agenda

By E. Bowers

HOLLYWOOD - The 29th Annual Seminole Tribal Fair, the Phish Millenium Concert, and the Coconut Creek Casino were topics of discussion as the Board geared up for the busy months ahead at it's regular meeting Oct. 22.

Hollywood Board Rep. Carl Baxley, who is also on the Tribal Fair Committee, stated that the prizes for the arts and crafts contests will be doubled this year.

Every year certain Tribal members are honored for their contributions. This year those honored will be the educated people in the Tribe. If there is any Tribal member who deserves a nomination, please contact Buster Baxley to add them to the list.

The program cover theme for the 29th Annual Tribal Fair has been titled the "Swamp to Present," covering the rich history of the Seminole Tribe.

Carl encouraged everyone attending the Tribal Fair to wear Indian clothing at all times. The Tribal Fair and the Kissimmee Slough Shoot-Out, held in Big Cypress, will receive a great deal of publicity as February 2000 has been designated Seminole Heritage Month as part of Broward County's year 2000 celebrations.

Preparations have begun for the massive New Year's Eve Phish concert at the Big Cypress reservation. Rep. Mondo Tiger stated that crews have started work, laying dirt for the ticket booth areas.

Chairman James Billie remarked upon the groundbreaking of the Coconut Creek gaming facility. The initial plan was to have the facility open by December but "it has become a hard-pressed situation because of the rains," said Billie.

The Chairman was pleased that the casino is establishing "a historical marker of sorts" with the hiring of Jo-Lin Osceola as manager.

Billie also announced that the Micco airplane was only one or two steps away from FAA certification. "I'm hoping before January," said Billie.

The Board also:

*Approved a feasibility study for the proposed hotel in Immokalee. "Security will be of the utmost importance there," said Billie.

*Approved a five year revocable permit to Seminole Banner Entertainment, Inc. for the use of the Tribal Fairgrounds for sporting and concert events.

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