State Sues To Stop Legalized Gaming

By Charles Flowers

TALLAHASSEE - The State of Florida has sued to block a federal order that would legalize gaming on Seminole and Miccosukee reservations.

Immediately after the April 12th announcement by the U.S. Secretary of Interior of new rules that would allow gaming at facilities run by both the Seminoles and Miccosukee Tribe of Florida Indians, the state sued. On April 15, the Seminole Tribe filed a motion to intervene in the state's suit. The motion was unopposed, making the Tribe a party to it. (continue...)

FGCIA Celebrates 25th Anniversary

By E. Bowers

Miccosukee Chief and Joe QuetoneTALLAHASSEE - The Florida Governor's Council on Indian Affairs (FGCIA) celebrated its 25th anniversary in grand style on April 14 with a reception that honored two of its founding board members, Robert L. Travis and Miccosukee Chairman Billy Cypress. (continue...)

Vandals Endanger Seminole Aviation

By E. Bowers

BIG CYPRESS - In the early morning hours of March 30, the Seminole Police Department was dispatched to the Seminole Aviation runway upon reports of broken glass on the landing strip. Someone had removed glass lens covers from the runway lights and thrown them onto the runway. In all, eight lens covers were broken. (continue...)

Lonely Chickees

James Billie starts a fireOn a recent trip to the Nashville headquarters of the United South and Eastern Tribes (USET) Seminole Chairman James Billie was surprised to find only Seminole chickees on the USET park. More than five years ago, each USET tribe agreed to build a traditional tribal structure there. "Only the Seminoles have kept their promise," said the Chairman, who made a fire so smoke would circulate through the area. "This way, the chickees will know they are not alone, not forgotten." According to USET Executive Director Tim Martin, the unfinished park jeopardizes USET's lease on the property. "Seminole did its part; the other tribes did not," said Martin. "I would encourage Jim Billie to use any type of peer pressure to light a fire under these other chiefs." (continue...)

Navajo Firefighters Support Local Efforts

By Michael James

Navajo FirefightersPORT ST. LUCIE, Fla.- A group of elite Navajo firefighters know as Navajo Scouts assembled here March 20 for a press conference and a briefing before leaving for their next challenge, the fire ravaged Everglades.

The Navajo Scouts have earned a nationwide reputation as evidenced by their record of action at out of state fires. Last year they battled six fires outside of Arizona in addition to 30-40 forest fires within the bounds of their reservation land and state. (continue...)

Sweet Home Rosewood: Lost In The Fire

By Charles Flowers

Rosewood Part 1ROSEWOOD - Like the battlefield it was, Rosewood holds its own secrets which are only felt at ground level. That's why we are behind the wheel of this Cadillac, rolling down highway 24 with Janie Bradley Black, a Miami woman whose life was shaped by Rosewood, even though the famous 1923 massacre of this black community happened long before she was born. She is coming home. (continue...)

Sixth Term As Seminole Chief Chairman Billie Unopposed

HOLLYWOOD - James Edward Billie, who has led the Seminole Tribe of Florida down a path of economic prosperity during his first 20 years as Chairman, will continue to lead his people into the millennium.

As the Tribe's chief executive officer since 1979, the statesman, singer, songwriter, alligator wrestler, cattleman, pilot is unopposed for a record sixth term of office as Seminole Tribal Council Chairman. (continue...)

Board Meeting, Roger Smith To Step Down

By E. Bowers

Rosewood Part 1HOLLYWOOD - Brighton Board representative Roger Smith announced at the April 9 Board meeting that he will not seek re-election after his two-year term ends this year. Although Smith did not give a reason for his decision, he noted with satisfaction what the Board had accomplished during his term. (continue...)