The Start Of The Tribune

By Betty Mae Jumper

I have been asked many times: how did the Seminole Tribune get started. The Tribune has a long history. It actually started back in 1956 before the Seminole Tribe was even organized.

At that time the late Alice Osceola and I began writing the Seminole News. We ran the paper out of my home. I supplied news about the Hollywood Reservation and Alice brought in news from the Trail.

We charged 10 cents a copy and we usually sold just enough to afford to put out the next paper. It was pretty simple by today's standards, but we kept it going. (continue...)

Miccosukee Resort Miccosukee Resort Has Grand Opening

By Ernie Tiger

MICCOSUKEE - Monday, June 14, the Miccosukee Tribe of Florida Indians officials and a host of celebrities opened the Miccosukee Resort and Convention Center, a new nine-story resort hotel and casino.

For the grand opening, the Miccosukees offered first time guests an array of festivities. The events began with onlookers watching the ribbon cutting ceremony. That was followed by professional wrestling by WWF wrestlers, fireworks, and performances by Hootie and the Blowfish, The Four Tops, Little Richard and more. (continue...)

National Gambling Impact Study Report Not Expected To Alter Tribal Gaming

By Charles Flowers

WASHINGTON, D.C. - A federal report on the problems and prevalence of gambling was released here to mixed reviews June 15.

Although the National Gambling Impact Study was two years in the making, and was often criticized by Tribal leaders for the biased make-up of its panel, the final product generally left gaming Tribes off the hook when it comes to gambling problems, and in fact found tribes did better than others in addressing them. (continue...)

Ted Boyd Budget Approved

By Elrod Bowers

HOLLYWOOD - The Tribal Council and Board of Directors had a busy week, passing combined budgets totaling nearly $200 million.

First, the Council met on June 23 to discuss the upcoming year 2000 Tribal budget.

Seminole gaming, which accounted for 94.6 percent of the Tribal budget, may receive another boost in the arm with the possible addition of more machines in the Hollywood Casino. (continue...)

USET Leaders Nation-Nation Trade Dominates USET

By Charles Flowers

MICCOSUKEE - Leaders of 23 Southern and Eastern Tribes met at the new, $50 million Miccosukee Resort & Casino on the edge of the Everglades, and discussed trade agreements for the new millennium that may resurrect ancient trade relationships.

Think of it, begs a website started by the Oneida Nation but soon to resurface as a United South & Eastern Tribes (USET) project, tribes can sell products to each other as they did hundreds of years ago - Oneida textiles for Cherokee bottled water, Seminole Swamp Seasoning for Choctaw plastic dinnerware, etc. (continue...)