Council Meeting Budget Increase; Gaming Update

By E. Bowers

HOLLYWOOD - The Tribal Council held a special meeting on Dec. 17 to discuss a budget increase, receive an update on the gaming situation in Coconut Creek, and decide on Board management of the smoke shop formerly owned by Howard Tommie. (continue...)

The Birthplace Of Osceola

By Michael James

BirthplaceInspired by a passage in a book, Seminole Tribune correspondent Michael James recently went in search of history. What he found was a lesson in the often tragic way Indians were treated, and possibly, just possibly. . .The Birthplace Of Osceola.

TUSKEGEE, Ala. - The search for the birthplace of Osceola actually started over a year ago with a page out of Dr. Patricia Wickman's book Osceola's Legacy. (continue...)

Seminoles Add Color To Inauguration

By Michael James

Jeb BushTALLAHASSEE - Approximately 30 members of the Seminole Tribe of Florida and their horses braved a wind chill factor that hovered around 12 degrees Fahrenheit on Tuesday, Jan. 5, in order to participate in the inaugural parade of Florida's 43rd governor, John Ellis "Jeb" Bush. (continue...)

Gaming Staff Donation Helps Children In Need

By Vida Volkert

Bonnie Ward, Sharon Weilandt, Teresa Magrath, and Linda WellsKeifeHOLLYWOOD - With a generous contribution, Hollywood Seminole Gaming staff brightened the Christmas of several families at the Joe DiMaggio Clubhouse.

"This is the second year we donated $1,000 to the Clubhouse," says Cheryl Asman, casino manager about the contribution that was made Dec. 24. "We feel it is our duty to support our community and our employees are very enthusiastic about sharing with those in need." (continue...)

Historic Site Was Heart Of Miami

By Patsy West

Historic SiteThe recent excitement at the mouth of the Miami River over a new and thus far unique archaeological site is understandable. But, as interesting as the find may be, it's only one of a number of sites on the historic river's banks that have stimulated generations of South Floridians. (continue...)