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Incumbents Dominate May 10th Elections

By E. Bowers

HOLLYWOOD - The overall winner of the May 10 Tribal election was the status quo. A challenger __ Alex Johns -- won only one seat, the Brighton Board of Directors position vacated by the retiring Roger Smith.

Chairman James E. Billie, although unopposed, still garnered 712 votes evenly spread out among all the reservations. President Mitchell Cypress retained his seat with a bulk of the votes coming from Hollywood and Big Cypress/Immokalee Reservations.

Manuel "Mondo" Tiger held onto the Big Cypress/Immokalee Board Representative office in a close race that was decided by 17 votes. Newcomer Alex Johns won the Brighton Board Representative seat, vacated by Roger Smith, in a pick-em race that split the votes. None of the eight candidates received more than 65 votes, making that seat a race to watch in the future.

In Hollywood, Elton Carl Baxley held onto his seat by a comfortable margin.

In Big Cypress, David Cypress bested four challengers to retain his Tribal Council seat.

In Brighton, incumbent Jack Smith Jr. overcame one of his toughest challenges yet, holding onto the Tribal Council seat by nine votes. In Hollywood, Max Osceola Jr. retained his seat by a wide margin.

The election drew approximately 60 percent of eligible Tribal voters. Winners will take office on Inauguration Day, June 7, in Hollywood.

The complete election results:

Chairman: (Unopposed) James E. Billie, 712 votes.

President: Mitchell Cypress, 550 votes, Tony Sanchez Jr., 278 votes.

Big Cypress/Immokalee Board: Manuel Tiger, 138 votes, Paul Bowers Sr., 121 votes.

Brighton/Tampa Board: Alexander Johns, 64 votes, Johnny Jones, 51 votes, John Huff Jr., 30 votes, Lorene B. Gopher, 26 votes, Connie J. Whidden, 13 votes, Sammy Gopher, 13 votes, Elbert Snow, 7 votes, Theresa Nunez, 5 votes.

Hollywood Board: Elton C. Baxley, 168 votes, David DeHass, 63 votes.

Big Cypress/Immokalee Council: David R. Cypress, 152 votes, Neal M. Bowers, 49 votes, Clifton L. Billie, 27 votes, Philip Jumper, 19 votes, Samuel Tommie, 11 votes.

Brighton/Tampa Council : Jack Smith Jr.- 77 votes, John W. Huff Sr., 68 votes, Louise Gopher, 24 votes, Willie Johns, 21 votes, Reno A. Osceola, 21 votes.

Hollywood Council: Max B. Osceola Jr., 183 votes, Ronnie Doctor, 47 votes.

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