Newspaper Series Smears Seminoles

By Charles Flowers

St. Pete ReportersWho is the St. Petersburg Times and why is it shooting at the Seminole Tribe of Florida?

Last month, Dec. 19-21, the Times published a three-day, front-page series - the results of its year-long investigation of the Seminole Tribe people and government. The investigation itself had made news, not only in this newspaper, but in the journalism profession itself, for the ham-handed way its "computer-assisted" reporters and editors attempted to pry their way into the business records of the Tribe, and the Skunk Ape-sized tracks they left with letters the Times mailed to Tribal employees seeking snitches. (continue...)

Lak Ka Che Hoo Mashe Ahfachkee

Betty Mae JumperBetty Mae Jumper

The new year is on its way and it is already Jan. 8, 1998. Hope all of you had enjoyable holidays and visited all your families and friends. There is hope that this new year will bring you better things than last year. That is why we make resolutions. (continue...)

Don Grooms 1930-1998

Goodbye To An Old Friend

By Peter B. Gallagher

Don GroomsPOSSUM RIDGE, N.C. - They buried Professor Don Grooms last week. An unfinished yellow-pine box hewn without a single nail went into the red-orange earth on the crest of a hill above his Appalachian boyhood home. Thick grey clouds drizzled a freezing rain over friends and family as tearful respects were paid to the Florida folk balladeer and journalism teacher whose health finally gave out, Jan. 10, in a Gainesville hospital.

"Goodbye old friend. The white people might not like this, but we're gonna give you a few things for your journey," said Seminole Chief Jim Billie, a longtime personal friend of Grooms, who claimed Cherokee Indian heritage. The Chief was referring to local funeral directors and Riverside Church officials who were uncomfortable with the idea of putting any "voodoo" into Grooms' casket prior to its burial Jan. 15 in the heavily Baptist cemetery. (continue...)

Seminole MarketplaceMarketplace Opens

HOLLYWOOD - The Seminole Tribe has officially entered the global market with the opening of the Marketplace, a portion of the Tribe's World Wide Web Home Page where various products can be purchased by credit card. (continue...)