Sundance To Screen Chief's Video

John McEuen, Rita Coolidge and Chief BilliePARK CITY, UTAH - A simple story about a panther and a deer is bringing national attention to the Seminole Tribe of Florida and Chief Jim Billie. The story "Ways Of The Glades" by Chief Billie, put to music by producer John McEuen and put to film by director Leslie Gaines will be showcased at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival. (continue...)

Cruise Ship Charges Go "Nowhere"

By Charles Flowers

FORT LAUDERDALE - Like the gambling ships that were boarded by officers of the Broward Sheriff's Office (BSO) recently, the charges against them appear to be going "nowhere."

In early December, a circuit judge ordered the BSO to return 300 slot machines and $1 million seized from Kostantinos "Gus" Boulis, owner of six casino boats, including the Sun Cruz VI, docked behind Martha's Restaurant in Hollywood. (continue...)

Christmas Doll

By Betty Mae Jumper

This time of the season I always have memories from years ago when I was a small girl and didn't know what Christmas was about.

One year I saw young white girls my age. They were carrying dolls. They said "Santa' gave them to us."

For the longest time I used to wonder who was this man Santa Claus who went around and handed out dolls to children and why didn't he come to me. I wondered how you ask Santa to give you a doll. But, I never learned how to go about asking. Finally, I just figured you had to be white to get a doll so that's that. (continue...)

1999 Tribal Festival Season

Five Weekends Of Seminole Fun

SEMINOLE COUNTRY - The Seminole Tribe of Florida will sponsor four major native entertainment events on Tribal reservation land - and one on a college campus - in early 1999, the Seminole Tribune has learned. (continue...)

Council Considers New Power Plant

By E. Bowers

HOLLYWOOD - Chuck Berry, a new Tribal accounting package, a proposed power plant in Brighton and an American Indian Festival at Eckerd College were on the agenda at the Nov. 17 Council meeting in the headquarters auditorium.

Chairman James Billie announced that Chuck Berry would be the headlining act at this year's Christmas party, to be held on Dec. 18 at the Broward County Convention Center. "We tried to get James Brown, but the judge wouldn't let him out of jail!" said Billie. (continue...)

Discover Native America At Eckerd College

ST. PETERSBURG - The Seminole Tribe of Florida will present Discover Native America (DNA), a month-long American Indian cultural entertainment event, next February, in and around the campus of Eckerd College on the southern coast of Pinellas County. (continue...)