Seminole Warrior

By Betty Mae Jumper

Proud Ones:(L-R) Jason DiCarlo, Sonny DiCarlo, Rusty Tiger, Michael DiCarlo, Clyde Tiger, Winifred Tiger, Vernon Tiger, Betty Mae Jumper and Mike TigerMy brother, Howard Tiger, was about to turn 18 when he joined the Marines in 1943.

He had been trying to get into the service for a long time, but he was too young. It was his idea to go. No one asked him to join because back in those days no Seminoles were ever called to go into the military. He was the first of our Tribe to join the military. (continue...)

Calusa Burial Mounds Appear To Be Safer

By Michael James

FORT MYERS - In the Feb. 13 edition of The Seminole Tribune we reported on two significant threats to an important Calusa Indian archaeological site known as Shell Creek - illegal grave robbing looters and over-zealous real estate agents seeking to build fortunes on the very graves of the people who built the mounds in the first place. (continue...)

Lost In Fire, Awards Re-issued to Family Howard Tiger's War Medals

By Dan McDonald

Leaving for War:Howard Tiger tries on a Marine dress uniform for his proud Seminole family in this 1943 photo.(L-R) Baby Eugene Bowers, Mary Bowers, Betty Mae Jumper, little Priscilla Sayen, Howard Tiger, Ada Tiger, Tommie Billie, Annie Billie.HOLLYWOOD - In a touching and moving ceremony attended by his widow, family and friends, the late Howard Tiger once again was presented the battle ribbons he was awarded for service to the United States Marine Corp for action during the heaviest fighting in World War II. The ribbons had been destroyed in a house fire years ago. (continue...)

Seminole Tribe Co-Produced TV Production Folk Fest Program Set To Air

Vassar Clements (second from left) is a highlight of the video.WHITE SPRINGS - Each year since 1952, the state's best folk musicians and artists have gathered here, on the banks of the Suwannee River, to stage a wonderful event known as The Florida Folk Festival. Celebrated each Memorial Day Weekend, it remains, today, the oldest continuously running folk festival in the country. Yet, few people outside North Florida have even heard of the four-day extravaganza on the grounds of the Stephen Foster State Folk Culture Center. (continue...)

Rowdy Public Hearing Over Sen. Gorton Bill

By E. Bowers

(L-R) Sen. Gorton, Sen. Campbell.SEATTLE - Before a crowd of 500 citizens overflowing a Doubletree Suites conference room, the U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs held an intense public hearing last week. The subject was Sen. Slade Gorton's infamous "American Indian Equal Justice Act." (continue...)

Smoke Shop Tax Proposed

WASHINGTON D.C. - At press time, the Miami Herald reported that Sen. Slade Gorton had inserted a tax provision into the Senate tobacco bill which would require American Indian Tribes, including the Seminoles and Miccosukees, to collect state taxes from smoke shop customers and turn over the money to the U.S. Treasury. (continue...)