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Volume XX Number 9 May, 1997

* Seniors Bowl 11th Tourney at University
* Successful Seminole Pet Fair
* 4H Banquet at Benihana
* Reflections... Cory's Visit
* 'Grate' Expectations
* Museum Notes...Save the Seminole Sites
* First Days in Dania
* Miami Gaming Sites Tour
* Gathering of Nations
* Brighton Preschool Ground Breaking
* New Faces on Board
* Trouble at Afachkee
* Q&A with Melissa Sanders
* Paul Motlow Dies Walking CR 833

4-H Banquet at Benihana

By Daryl Jones

FT. LAUDERDALE -- This year the 4-H awards were held at the Benihana Japanese Steakhouse.

Rufus Tiger -- toastmaster, organizer of the dinner, and 4-11 coordinator -- gave out thanks to the appropriate people and to the 4-H kids themselves, then the kids took the controls from there.

The next 4-H season starts in August so Tiger urged youngsters to go out and sign up and get involved with local programs. The benefits that the program teaches are important in raising responsible young citizens. Rufus thanked Max Osceola, Kevin Osceola, Big Shot, Steve Osceola, and his own Dora Jim Tiger for their help in this important endeavor.

Small Animal Club Members

Kendra Frank, Seth Randolf, La Sandra Osceola, Keyah Osceola, Leslie Puente, Patrick Osceola, Kattria Santana, Clinton Girtman, Serena Green, Julius Billie Wilson Billie, Cody Billie, Austina Motlow, Sierra Simmons, Spencer Jock, Bobby Osceola, Morgan Frank, Heather Peterson, Teddy Osceola, Maverick Osceola, Jewel Buck, Ethan Gopher, Nathan Billie, Clinton Billie, Cory Sanders, Pauline Billie, Joshua Smith

(5-7 years old)

Heather Peterson, Seth Randolf, Kendra Frank, Joshua Smith, Jewel Buck, Ethan Gopher, Robert North, Sierra Simmons.

Completion Pins

Seniors 14 years and older

1st year- Summer Osceola, Lizina Bowers, Roger Jumper, Patricia Gore, Pamela Jumper, Happy Jumper, Gil Yzaquirre, Brandy Yilley, Vanessa Gore.

2nd year- Justin Gopher, Jeffrey Hinebaugh, Kattiria Santana, Rusty Adams.

3rd year- Samatha Jimmie, John Allen Hayes, Michea] Alvarado, Howard Jimmie, Ginger Jones, Roy Alvarado

4th year- Sheena Yzaquirre, Kari Kroeplin, Steven Yzaquirre.

Juniors (8-13 years)

1st year- D'Anna Osceola. Audrey Snow, Morgan Frank, Leslie Puente, Maverick Osceola, Teddy Osceola Kimberly Alvarado, Lysandra Osceola, Jamie Hendry, Curtis Motlow, Steele Gopher, Lorena Puente, Stephen Billie. Gary Frank, Bobby Osceola, Demetrio Pulido, Kaylin Henry, Clayton Simmons.

2nd year- Nolan Gopher, Clarissa Randolf, Keyah Osceola, Amada Sisneroz, Adam Osceola, Cory Ward, Josh Girtman, Alyssa Willie, Ashley Adams.

3rd year- Sheena Yzaquirre, Kari Kroeplin, Steven Yzaquirre, James Girtman, Johnny Jones, Bradford Gopher, Linda Henry, Trina Bowers.

4th year- Mitchell Simmons, Sherrie Jones, Nikki Osceola, Zena Simmons, Dustin Osceola, Alanna Henry'.

5th year- Holly Johns, Andrew Bowers, Ryan Thomas.

6th year- Lisa Huff

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