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Few Indians Attend Everglades Park Bash
By Michael James

EVERGLADES CITY - What if they held a rededication of Everglades National Park and no Indians came?

Well, when a prestigious group of politicians, environmentalists and ecology aficionados gathered in public, Dec. 4, to honor the park Harry Truman signed into protection 50 years ago, there were very few patchwork jackets in attendance. (continue)

Council Cuts Dividends, Suspends Deductions
By Peter B. Gallagher

Responding to cash flow problems and an unsure financial future, the Seminole Tribal Council has reduced monthly dividends to Tribal members by $500 and suspended mandatory dividend loan deductions, the Seminole Tribune has learned. (continue)

Ivan BillieIvan Billie Wins Grid Scholarship

Ivan Billie became the first Seminole Tribal member to win a Division One football scholarship, recently, when the Choctaw Central (Miss.) Senior committed to Mississippi State University. A native of the Hollywood Reservation, Ivan is the son of Suzanne Billie, who works in the Tribal Clerk's office. (continue)

160 Years Ago This Month:
A 'Sad Trip' For Proud Seminoles

Late in October of 1837 the Second Seminole War was dragging on. The U.S. troops were searching relentlessly across the Florida Territory for the camps of the war leaders, targeting them in an attempt to break the resistance to removal.

Throughout the previous year, skirmishes and "talks" had proved useless. There had been no decisive victories either by the Indians or by the white soldiers, and public opinion across the nation was divided on several important issues. (continue)