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Brighton Festival Attracts Huge Crowd

The 58th Annual Brighton Seminole Indian Arts & Craft Festival and Rodeo was a huge success during its two day festival.

As prelude to the festival an annual Hog and Steer Show was held February 13, the winners will be listed at the cud of this story.

On February 15 the annual Brighton Field Day Princess Contest was held, the winners include Brighton Seminole Princes Miss Wendy Snow and Jr. Miss Princess Miss Trina Bowers.

Saturday's events drew the largest crowd as they held the annual parade and festival activities included the traditional Indian dancing by the Blue Earth dancers of North Carolina, the Seminole Clothing Contests, Baby Contest and Cloggers.

A live Seminole Indian cultural village iwas display and portrayed the cultural of ate Seminole Indians of Florida. One' could walk through the village and see various tribal members crafting beadwork, woodwork and cooking traditional foods. One even had the chance to taste Seminole authentic frybread and drink the traditional softkee.

If you missed Saturday's events you also missed the live entertainment of Seminole Chief James Billie as he performed with his band.

Then of course there was the Alligator wrestling by none other than Thomas Storm of the Tampa Reservation.

Rodeo time started in the evening and you had to be there to see the PRO's at their best.

Everywhere one went there was something to do and see, it was a great time. We all look forward to next year's events.

Results of the 10th Annual Seminole Tribe Youth Livestock Show & Sale 1996

Grand Champion Steer - Ryan Thomas (buyer-Howard Tommie, Inc.) Reserve Grand Champion Steer - Holly Johns (buyer-Adams Dodge)

Grand Champion Swine - Andrew Bowers (buyer-James E. Billie) Reserve Grand Champion Swine - Nicki Osceola (buyer-Brighton Community)

Exhibitors: Steer-Earl Snow (buyer Winn Dixie, Inc.)
Swine-Samantha Jimmie (buyerDorothy Tommie)
Steer-Trim Bowers (buyer Immokalee Community)
Swine-Linda Henry (buyer-Tampa Community)
Steer-Leslie Gopher (buyer Immokalee Community)
Swine-Andrea Holata (buyer-Brighton Seminole Bingo & Gaming)
Steer-Lewis Gopher (buyer-Benny Motlow)
Swine-Kasey Johns (buyer-Gilbert Chevrolet)
Steer-Howard Jimmie (buyer-Tampa community)
Swine-Zena Simmons (buyer Beck's Food & Tackle)
Steer-Jeferey Hinebaugh (buyerImmokalee Community)
Swine-Avalon Jumper (buyer Seminole Tribe of Fla., Inc.)
Steer-Justin Gopher (buyer-Tampa Community)
Swine-Jennifer Carter (buyer-Gilbert Cheverolet)
Steer-Adam Osceola (buyer-Tampa Community)
Swine-Amanda Sisnemoz (buyerTampa Community)
Swine-Learn Osceola (buyer-Winn Dixie, Inc.)
Swine-Keith Simmons (buyer-Tampa Community)
Swine-Alyssa Willie (buyer-James E. Billie)
Swine-Julie Adams (buyer-Eli Western Wear, Inc.)
Swine-Rachael Billie (buyer-Hollywood Board)
Swine-Neil Baxley (buyer All-Star Bleachers)
Swine-Keys Osceola (buyer-Hollywood Board)
Swine-Karl Coby (buyer-Gilbert Cheverolet)
Swine-Tanel Billie (buyer-Brighton Community)
Swine-Lisa Huff (buyer-All-Star Bleachers)
Swine-Brett Green (buyer-Hollywood Board)
Swine-Brian Osceola (buyer-Big Cypress Council)
Swine-James Girtman (buyer-James E. JIM)
Swine-Dustin Osceola (buyer-David Cypress)
Other Honorable Mentions:
Steers: Fitting & Grooming Award-Ryan Thomas
Best Record Book Award-Holly Johns Gain in Weight Award-Lewls Gopher Sr. Showmanship Award-Lewis Gopher
Swine: Best Record Book Award-Alyssa Willie Gain in Weight Award-Linda Henry Jr. Showmanship Award-Zena Simmons
Sr. Showmanship. Awardaennifer Carter

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