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Florida Governor's Council On Indian, Affairs, Inc.

By Betty Tiger

The Seminole Tribe of Florida and The ' Miccosukee Tribe cordially invited the Board Members, staff and guest to the Board of Directors Meeting.

A reception was held in honor of The Florida Governor's Council on Indian Affairs, Inc. Board of Directors. The reception was held at the Florida State Conference Center in the Kissimmee Room on Tuesday night from 6:00 pin to 8:00.

The meeting got started at 10:35 am on Wednesday at the Everglades Room Augustus B. Turnbull III Florida State Conference Center. The invocation was given by Joel Harris, and general introduction were made by Council staff, Tribal staff, students of the 1995-96 Florida Indian Youth Leadership Academy, and guests. In the absence of Co-Chairman James E. Billie, David Cypress agreed to serve as Co-Chair for the meeting, but both were absent this year.

A motion was made by Robert Travis to approve the April 12, 1995. Board of Directors minutes. The motion was seconded by Robin Rhodes.

New Business- A Proposed Amendment . to FGCIA,, Inc. By-Laws. By-Laws Committee members Robin Rhodes and Robert Travis presented the Committee's recommendation as follows:

We are going to share the last years July 21, 1995 Board Meeting summary of Board actions of old business and new. So that everyone could be aware of what is. coming up in 1996-97.

1. The FGCIA, Inc. By-laws Committee recommends that the Board of Directors amend the FGIA, Inc. By-Laws to create the position of Vice-Chairperson. The Committee further recommends that the individual selected to serve as ViceChairperson be appointed on a rotational basis by the Chairman of the Seminole Tribe and the Chairman of the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians, respectively, in January of each year.

2. If the Board of Directors chooses not to create the position of Vice- Chairperson, the By-Laws Committee recommends that: In the event both Co-Chairman are unable to attend a scheduled meeting of the FGCIA, Inc. By-Laws to create the office of Vice-Chairperson [No. l in the By-Laws Committee Recommendations]. The motion was seconded by Melissa McRae and passed.

B. 1994-95 Fiscal Year End Financial Report. Joe Quetone reviewed the yearend financial report for the information of the Board. He noted that expenditures under "Equipment Purchased" reflect the cost of an archiving system which was purchased with state funds to preserve required permanent records. He fiurther explained that line-item totals bf more than 100% reflect the use of budget"excesses in state funds to purchase computer software and equipment, and to pay an accounting firm to provide financial reports and monthly statements. He said Unemployment Compensation expenses exceeds 100% due to under budgeting of tithe line item category.

Robert Travis made a motion to amend the 1994-95 year end budget for allocated state funds to reflect funds actually spent. The motion was seconded by Melissa McRae and passed.

C. Proposed Budget Program Year in 95. Joe Quetone advised the Board of Directors that the proposed budget for the administration of the FGCIA, Inc. for the 1995-96 fiscal year will be entirely funded form U. S. Department of Labor, Title IV, JTPA funds, and from and contractual services which may be negotiated with state agencies for private foundations. He said-this became necessary when the 1995 Florida Legislature did not appropriate state funds. for the operation of the Council and the Executive Office of the Governor, therefore, ended effective June 30, 1995. Likewise, state funds utilized to pay contractual services to the Program Coordinators for the Seminole and Miccosukee Tribe were excluded from the 1995-96 Budget because these services are not an allowed- cost for employment and training funds under Department of Labor guidelines. He told the Board that all current Council position will be retained: however, he said employees who were funded in part by state funds. Those positions include the Executive Director, the Executive Assistant; and the Administrative Assistant Special Projects. He request authorization from the Board to submit a budget request to the Executive Office of the Governor for reinstatement of state funding for Fiscal Year 1996.

Robert Travis made a motion to authorize the FGCIA, Inc. Executive Director to submit a proposed budget to the Office of the Governor for Fiscal Year 1996-97. The motion was seconded by Joel Harris and passed unanimously.

Two reports published by the Indian and Native American Employment and Training Coalition were distributed to the Board outlining projected changes in funding which will result from Congressional action regarding Title IV JPTA funds, , CarlPerkins Act funds for vocational education, and JOBS programs under Health and Human Services. Congress has recommended the combination of these funds into one block grant.

Robert Kellam further review proposed Congressional changes in JPTA and JOBS Programs. He' said if the funds are combined into a block grant, the Council anticipates continuing to receive approximately the same moneys to administer , employment and training services in Florida. He pointed out that in contrast to many other JTPA programs, the FGCIA, Inc. Employment and Training Program has consistently maintained a small staff, enabling the program to maintain operation without personnel cuts.

Joe Quetone advised the Board that for Program Year 1995 [July 1, 1995- June 30,1996], the Employment and Training Program has an approved U.S. Department of Labor Notice of Obligation of $950,231.00. He said even though this represents a 7.9% reduction of funding from Program year 1994, total available funds for FY 95, including a Program Year 94 Carry -In of $84,509.00, are $1,034,740. The 1995 Administrative Budget is $206,948.00, which is the allowable 20% of available funding.

Tribal and Board Member Reports Melissa McRae told the Board that the American Indian Association of Florida is active and continues to provide assistance to Native Americans as finances allow. She expressed regret that the Association was unable to donate moneys to the Florida Indian Youth Programs during the current calendar year.

Joel Harris advised the Board he will are visiting the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in North Carolina in August in connection with a Native American veterans association being proposed by the American Legion Association, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the Vietnam Veterans Association.

Robin Rhodes advised the Board that Marlene Meiner, one of three newly appointed member of the Board of Directors, was out of the state and unable to attend the meeting.

Chairman Cypress announced that the Miccosukee Tribe will hold its annual Music Festival on July 22 and 23. He also advised the Board that the Miccosukee Tribe is continuing lawsuits against the Secretary of the Interior for not protecting Indian rights, the Park Superintendent for allowing flooding to continue on trust lands, the Corps of Engineers and the Department of Water Management for failing to enforce federal mandates, and the environmental Protection Agency for weakening safe water standards in the State of Florida.

Chairman Cypress said the Miccosukee Tribe is continuing to hold health conferences to improve health services, and to develop a sense of community and an appreciation for community and heritage in the children who will assume future responsibility for the tribe. He said plans are also continuing to build a gymnasium for tribal youth.

Steven Bowers congratulated newly reelected Seminole Tribal Council Members Jack Smith, Jr., David Cypress, Max Osceola, and James E. Billie, who was reelected as Chairman of the Seminole Tribe of Florida. He announced that Fred Smith was replaced by Mitchell Cypress as President of Board of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc.

Steven Bowers advised the Board that the new Seminole Tribal Offices will open the first of August. He said the Seminole Tribe is continuing to seek support for a grant on domestic violence which, if awarded, will be administered through the' new Family Services Department. He said activities are continuing through the Broward County Advisory Board County, and through Leadership Broward and the Ft. Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce to develop Leadership Broward and the Ft. Lauder Chamber of commerce to develop leadership opportunities for individual within Broward County.

New Business B. Report on FGCIA, Inc. Contracts

This Participating Agreement is hereby made and entered into by and between the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service, National Forests in Florida, hoeinafterreferred to as the Forest Service, and the Florida Governor's Council on Indian Affairs, hereinafter referred to as the Council, under the authority of the Cooperative Funds and Deposits Act of December 12, 1975, Pub, L 94-148 (16 U.S. C. 565al-a30:

I. Purpose:

The purpose of the instrument is for the Forest Service and the Council to cooperatively perform consultation with Native American tribes and individuals coning the management of the National Forest in Florida with particular focus upon Responsibilities regarding the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act of 1990, hereinafter referred to as NAGPRA, and distributing information about Forest Service education and employment opportunities. Cooperative consultation benefits both parties.

11. Statement of Mutual Interest and Benefits: The Forest Service is responsible for managing areas once inhabited by Native American tribes whose descendants have interest in how these areas are managed. The Forest Service has specific responsibilities outlined in NAGPRA concerning archeological collections and planning certain kinds of archeological projects that require consultation with culturally affiliated or potentially culturally affiliated tribes or individuals to Native Americans who once inhabited Forest Service managed lands. The Forest Service is also responsible for distributing information about its numerous education and employment opportunities to a diverse public.

The Council is an experienced nonprofit agency that has established proactive communication channels with Native American tribes and individuals with interests in Florida and ties of descendancy to tribes once inhabiting Florida. The Council has responsibilities regarding Native American education and employment opportunities that are enhanced through increased cooperation and communication with the Forest Service.

Due to similarity of the communication and consultation requirements by both parties, mutual interest is established and development of cooperative consultation benefits both parties.

In consideration of the above premises, the parties agree as follows:

III. The Council Shall:

1. Serve as the primary state liaison between the Forest Service and the Florida Native American community. -

2. Review and comment upon project proposals, research designs and related project documentation for those Forest Service projects that involve or have a high likelihood for involving Native American interest.

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