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Expansion of 441 Through Seminole Indian Reservation

(Voice Your Opinion)

A meeting was held in the Tribal Office Auditorium, January 10, 1996. The meeting was in regards to the expansion of 441 to make the traffic six (6) lanes.

A representative from Department of Transportation, Steve Moore and the Tribal Representative, Max Osceola were there to answer questions and explain how it may or may not affect some of the businesses on 441.

The purpose of this public meeting is to:

• Ensure that interested persons have an opportunity to participate effectively in the process of determining the need for the location and design of proposed roadway improvements.

• Provide a public forum for presentation of views on social, economic, and environmental effects of this project.

• To aide the Florida Department of Transportation in selecting the most desirable design in its recommendation to the Federal Government.

The proposed improvements to SR 7 consist of widening and reconstructing the existing roadway from the Dade/Broward County line to Orange Drive, providing an urban 6 lane divided roadway, incorporating curb and gutter, sidewalks, and provisions for bicycles, pedestrians and bus bays. Four "build" Alternate were investigated for this project. Three SubAlternates were also developed for the portion of the project traversing the Seminole Tribal lands.

The "No Build" Alternate involves no improvements to the existing .roadway. All four of the "Build" Alternates and the three Sub-Alternates utilize the same 120 ft. Wide typical section which includes three 12 ft. wide travel lanes and a 4 ft. wide designated bike lane in each direction, with a 19.5ft. wide median, curb and gutter and 6 ft. wide sidewalks. All four "Build" Alternates propose the reconstruction of bridge number 860012, crossing the Dania Cut-off Caual(C 11).

The existing Right-of-Way is typical 100ft. wide. The proposed 120 ft. Typical section roadway will require the acquisition of an additional 20 ft. of Right-of-Way. The four "Build" Alternates, as well as the SubAlternates, differ only in where the additional 20 ft. of Right-of-Way is to be acquired. Alternate 1 acquires the additional Right-of-Way from the western side of the existing corridor. Alternate 2 acquires the additional Right-of-Way from the eastern and western sides of the existing corridor. Alternate 3 acquires the additional Right-of-Way from the eastern side of corridor. Alternate 4 utilizes a strategic combination of Alternates 1, 2, and 3, depending upon Right-of-Way acquisition costs of various segments of the roadway. Right-of Way needed for the Alternate deviates from the 120 ft. typical section in some areas due to transition requirements.

Sub-Alternate 4A, through the Seminole lands, efforts a 6 ft. landscape buffer in front of the existing Seminole Bingo Hall parking at the corner of Stirling Road and SR 7. This SubAlternate will require Right-of Way from both east and west sides of the existing corridor but will not encroach upon the existing parking facilities of the Bingo Hall. Sub-Alternate 4B maximizes Right-of-Way acquisitions from the west side of existing corridor, avoiding any impacts to the parcels on the east. Sub-Altemate 4C shifts the roadway resulting in a majority of the acquisitions to the eastern side of the corridor, eliminating the need for additional Right-of-Way from the west side of SR 7, in front of the Seminole Bingo Hall. Some additional Right-ofWay will be required from the western side in transitional areas and on the north side of the expanded intersection . at Stirling Road. Cost Estimates for the entire project including the SubAlternates are:

Construction Cost 4A $24,609,000 4B $24,609,000 4C $24,609,000 Right-of-Way Cost 4A $145,023,559 4B $144,160,979 4C $145,593,588

Most of the Tribal Members were not aware of the proposed improvements to SR 7. During the meeting, Tribal Members were assured that they will be kept informed and will hold more meetings, so that member will be able to voice their opinions.

People wishing to express their concern relative to adherence to Title V 1 & VI 11 may do so by contacting either:

Florida Department of Transportation District four Title V 1 & V l 1 Program office 3400 West Commercial Blvd. Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309-3421 Florida Department of Transportation Minority Programs Office 605 Suwanee Street Room 260, Mail Station 65 Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0450

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