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Hollywood Headstart and Child Care Presented the Christmas Story

By Betty Tiger

It's that time of the year again, "Christmas" Hollywood Headstart Program presented "The Christmas Story" play at the First Seminole Baptist Church. The play gets better every year, all the children play a part in this program. I am sure it takes a lot of time and effort to put this play on every year for the Community. The Headstart Children put on a great performance and a lot of the credit should go to the teacher and staff who took time to practice with the children. Keep up the good work.


Scribes: Victor Osceola and Taylor Osceola Mary: Nicole Osceola

Joseph:. Jackson T. Richardson Baby Jesus:

Shepherds: Jordan Osceola, Josie Balentine, Darryl Fuentes, Jorge Harden, Tyler Harjochee, Waylon Micco, Miles Osceola, Ryan Osceola, Kendrick Osceola and Nelson Osceola.

Angels: Allyson Billie, Ariana Cypress, Letetia Foster, Jasmine Holdiness, Randee Marrero, Audrey Osceola, Jessica Turtle, Cindi Adair, Chelsea Bradford, Mariah Buster, Ravenne Osceola, Shelli Osceola, Anahna Sirota, Deandra Tiger, Tyara Valdez, Ceejae Smith, Rhiannon Tucker.

King Herod: Brandon Osceola

King's Fan Girls: Shelby Dehass, Talena Castello, Courtney Cypress, Charlie Osceola Jessica Osceola, Whitney Osceola. Wisemen: Joshua Cypress, Tony Micco, and Hudson Jumper.

After the play was over everyone congregated to the patio, where Santa Claus was there to present the children with presents and stockings.

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