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Welcome to Eligibility & Utilization Services​​​

The Eligibility & Utilization Services Program is where access to health services begins. This program provides many services to patients including:

  • Registration for the Seminole Tribe of Florida Self-Funded Supplemental Health Plan – Tribal Members Only
  • Registration for Health Services for other individuals eligible for direct health care and purchased/referred care in accordance with 42 CFR Part 136 and other Seminole Tribe of Florida guidelines
  • Generate referrals and schedule appointments for patients requiring services outside of the Seminole Tribe of Florida Health Clinic
  • Provide education and assistance to patients concerning eligibility, registration for health services, and benefits
  • Distribute Seminole Tribe of Florida Self-Funded Supplemental Health Plan cards and Plan books 
  • Negotiate rates with out of network providers when necessary
  • Ensure HIPAA compliance
  • Assist patients with matters related to HIPAA and privacy complaints
  • Manage the Medicare Premium payment/reimbursement program
  • Audit global invoices and check runs
  • Manage Catastrophic Health Emergency Fund​










  Kathy Wilson, BS

  Program Manager & Privacy Officer 

  Ext: 11810

Debi DeHass - Eligibility & Utilization Auditor

Cassandra Martinez - Eligibility Coordinator

Crystal McPartland - Administrative Assistant

Karen Twan Shaw - Patient Services Coordinator
Hollywood Health Clinic

Sasha Badenhorst - Patient Services Coordinator
Big Cypress Health Clinic​

Candice Diehl - Patient Services Coordinator
Brighton Health Clinic

Ulecia Green - Patient Services Coordinator
Immokalee Health Clinic​​​​​​

Eligibility & Utilization Services


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