Due to the current Public Health Emergency declared by the State of Florida and the Chairman of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, the Tribal Council has declared an emergency closing Tribal Wide beginning Monday, March 16, 2020 until further notice, as we strive to keep our Tribal Community and employees safe at this time. 

Some Seminole Tribe Of Florida  and Seminole Tribe Of Florida, Inc. departments have 24/7 operations and will remain open with limited business hours until further notice. Please check our site for continuous updates and information. We Thank You for your continued business and support.




What We Provide


Brownfields Locations

Brownfields - Big Cypress

BC Medical Clinic
Bingo Hall
Land Use Compound
Hunting Adventure
Seminole Farms
Motocross Facility
Blue Top Construction

Brownfields - Brighton

Pesticide Facility

Brownfields - Hollywood

Koon’s Ford

Brownfields - Cattle Dip Vats

Cattle Dip Vats (CDVs)
Big Cypress - West Feeder Cattle Dip Vat (CDV)
Big Cypress - Bull Pasture Cattle Dip Vat (CDV)
Brighton - Tucker Ridge Cattle Dip Vat (CDV)
Brighton - Cotton Cattle Dip Vat (CDV)
Brighton - Johnny Bow Leg’s Pasture Cattle Dip Vat (CDV)
Brighton - Marsh Pen Cattle Dip Vat (CDV)
Brighton - Food Bank Cow Pens Cattle Dip Vat (CDV)
Brighton - Red Barn Cattle Dip Vat - Glades County, FL