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The Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) program is made up of the Health Risk and Compliance Director and the Infection Control Specialist. 

 The goal of the IPC program is to promote awareness of best practices to prevent and control the spread of infection among patients, visitors, staff and the community. 

Our team closely monitors and undertakes audits to maintain consistently high standards across all clinic sites through: 

  • Education – to ensure staff are up to date with safe working practice
  • Audit – to monitor aspects of patient care and environmental standards
  • Surveillance – to monitor trends and feed this information back to the medical staff to allow them to make clinical judgements on patient’s care
  • Outbreak Management – if an outbreak occurs the team provides advice to manage the situation and to minimize disruption to essential services
  • Environmental cleaning – is an ongoing program of deep cleaning throughout all clinics 

    Our IPC program works closely with our site supervisors and healthcare professionals to improve patient outcomes by preventing and controlling the spread of infections.









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Safety & Infection Control


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