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Welcome to Therapeutic Services​​

Professional services and the provision of quality coordinated care to clients/patients of the Tribal Communities in order to maximize individual functioning, health potential and quality of life. Services included or soon to be offered are: ​​

Physical Therapy

A physical therapist helps take care of clients in all phases of healing, from initial diagnosis through the restorative and preventive stages of recovery. Physical therapists provide services that help restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities in patients with injury or disease. They restore, maintain, and promote overall fitness and health. Physical Therapy can address balance and mobility issues, stroke recovery, and vascular conditions such as diabetes in an overall health plan.​

Senior Massage

The art and science of massage therapy is the manual manipulation through rubbing, kneading or tapping of soft body tissues including muscles, tendons, and ligaments to enhance a person's health and well-being. It has been demonstrated to help reduce chronic pain in the muscles and nervous system while also improving stability and posture which may aid in preventing falls -important for aging individuals.  Massage is beneficial for relieving tension, stress and symptoms of depression.

Mind Body Exercises

The mind-body connection means learning to use your thoughts to positively influence some of your body's physical responses, thereby decreasing stress. Some popular mind body exercises are described below

Yoga – Yoga is an ancient practice that aims to join the mind, body and spirit through a system of breath controlled exercises followed by a series of physical postures, and incorporates and ends with meditation or resting period(s). Physical and emotional well-being benefits include: stress and pain relief, better breathing, improved strength, flexibility and circulation, cardiovascular conditioning, weight management, and enhanced inner contentment.

Tai Chi – Often described as "meditation in motion" Tai Chi is a low-impact, slow-motion exercise. Without pausing you go through a series of motions while breathing deeply and naturally, and focusing your attention on your body sensations.  The movements are usually circular and never forced, muscles are relaxed, the joints are not fully extended or bent, and connective tissues are not stretched. Practicing this form of exercise can improve muscle strength, flexibility, balance and aerobic conditioning.

Qi Gong – Qi Gong exercises are designed to access natural forces of self-repair and health recovery to optimize and balance energy from within.  They are a series of arranged practices including body posture and movement, breath exercises and meditation. Tai Chi may be considered a form of Qi Gong

Mindfulness – Mindfulness means purposefully paying close attention to what is happening in the present moment without judgement. Because mindfulness helps people understand tolerate and deal with their emotions in healthy ways it has proven beneficial in stress reduction, lessoned likelihood of recurrent depression, improved focus and working memory, and. As with any of the mind body exercises it takes practice to cultivate mindfulness. ​


Acupuncture is a complete medical protocol focused on correcting imbalances of energy in the body. It involves the insertion of very thin needles though the skin at strategic points on your body. Look for acupuncture services beginning fall 2019.

Sound Therapy

Sound therapy is intended to move us from a place of imbalance to a place of balance.  Sound, as a tool for healing, has been used by various cultures for thousands of years employing drums, gongs, bowls & chants. Sound can reduce stress, create a deep sense of well-being and even promote healing. Sound therapy is gaining popularity as a preventive medicine and as a complement to traditional treatments.  It can provide results for a variety of issues including sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and pain management. ​​ 

  Preston Olson, DPTPreston Olson

  TW Doctor of Physical Therapy​


  Ananda Juncal, LMTAnanda Juncal

  TW Senior Massage Therapist​​


  Trey Pruitt, PTAnophoto

  TW Physical Therapy Assistant