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Welcome to Nutrition Therapy​

The promotion of evidence-based, sound nutrition principles throughout the life cycle for individuals, families and groups to maximize health & wellness, prevent potential health problems and provide medical nutrition therapy for acute and chronic disease management. 

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Renal/Kidney Disease Nutrition Specialist
  • Culinary Medicine Cooking Classes
  • Youth Chef program
  • Weight loss
  • Menu development upon Request ie Preschool, Senior Center, Community Function ​​​​

  Randy Kaplan, RD/LDNRandy Kaplan

  TW Chief Clinical Dietitian


Marianna Migoulia-Nikiforov  Marianna Nikiforov, RD/LDN

  Big Cypress Nutritionist

  Ext: 12318

 Cecilia KostadinovCecilia Kostadinov, RD/LDN

  Brighton Nutritionist​


Diana Pinto Sanchez  Diana Pinto-Sanchez, RD/LDN

  Hollywood Nutritionist​

  Ext: 10362

KorinDeitch  ​Korin Deitch, RD/LDN

  Tampa Nutritionist​

  Ext: 19303