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Health Information Technology team members support all computerized systems used in the Health and Human Services department. The team ensures there is secure health information exchange and keeps technology used across the health clinics up to date and industry standard. Health IT helps prevent medical errors, improve health care effectiveness, and improves communication of health information (reporting) among healthcare professionals. This team is comprised of a Health Clinic Systems Analyst, Health Systems Administrator, and a Health Systems Technician. 

The Health Systems Administrator maintains and supports the health clinic’s practice management, electronic health record, dental health record, and interfaces. The Health Systems Administrator applies updates, monitors overall system, prevents unscheduled outages, provides issue resolution with root cause analysis, and manages IT incidents, problems, and changes. The Health Systems Administrator follows ITIL Standards as best possible by prioritizing and troubleshooting incidents as they arise while keeping sense of urgency and expediency in order to meet expectations. 

The Clinical Systems Analyst is responsible for planning and leading projects related to the Electronic Health Records System. This Clinical Systems Analyst leads in the development of workflows, system application deployment and support, change documentation and support of staff on application functionality. This requires the individual to stay current with the application as well as communicating with the Health Systems Administrator and Health Systems Technician. The Clinical Systems Analyst must also be comfortable with providing technical assistance both remotely and in person. The Clinical Systems Analyst will be responsible for providing guidance for and/or performing on-going maintenance, testing and support of clinical systems within the Electronic Health Records System. 

The Health Systems Technician provides operational support for all hardware equipment and peripherals used in the Health department and acts as a backup of initial level support for electronic health records system. This role provides technical support that relates to the maintenance of the applications and servers used within the department and acts as a technical resource for collaboration on all IT projects. 




  Jeff AndersonJeff Anderson

 Sr. Electronic Medical Records  Analyst

  Ext: 10328

  Karen ShannonKaren Shannon

  Health Systems Administrator

  Ext: 11241

Health Information Services & Technology


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